Understanding RTP in Online Slots

You’ve tried your luck in slots for months now, and every time, you only get too close to winning: one moment you believe that the stars have finally aligned in your favor and the next second, you lose it all or win an insignificant amount. Sounds familiar? Well, the deal with slots, in general, the looser the game, the better. And when it comes to choosing the best casino to play slots in Atlantic City, then there is only one mathematical and statistical element you need to know about: the return to player rate (RTP).

RTP refers to casinos’ expression of a player’s odds of winning. It is the percentage of money that you bet on a game which will be ultimately paid back to players. What this means is that if the slots game you are playing has a 92 percent RTP, then it means that for every $100 that you bet on, you should expect to win back $90. While smiling about this possibility, you should remember that the RTP and the house advantage are both calculated to indicate the overall and long-term performance of the game meaning that you might have to spend more than $100 get back that $92.

When playing slots in Atlantic City, note that nothing is ever guaranteed, especially in the short-term and the likelihood of you seeing that slot’s actual RTP might not come because you could have run out of play money.

Using RTP to your advantage

Despite the inevitable losses, RTP remains a significant factor that determines the best casino in Atlantic City. The best payout slots in Atlantic City was recorded at 92.1 percent RTP by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement after a thorough review of the casino industry in seven leading online casinos in the state. It would appear that the best slots in Atlantic City have an RTP of over 88 percent for one and two-cent machines with the loosest slots recording an average of 95.2 percent RTP for the 5-cent slot machines.

Keep in mind that the looser the slots, the better. Also, don’t forget that even with all the statistics to watch, the best thing you could do while playing is to manage your bankroll and have fun.