The Good and Bad in Mobile Slot Games

The legal online gambling scene coupled with the rise in smartphone use have resulted in not only convenience in online gambling but also unlimited access to a multitude of fun games and rewards delivered through state of the art graphics and software. The best bit is the simplicity of slot games, the availability of a wide range of free mobile slot games, as well as the fact that you only need to parlay a small investment for a sizeable reward, especially with the progressive slots.

Whether you are playing on your mobile phone or tablet, Android, Blackberry, Windows, or iOS device, you have the chance of enjoying the best mobile slot games.

The catch – Slot Machines Are Smarter

Despite the promise of convenience and the alluring mobile slot games no deposit bonus, you should know that slot machines operate under the algorithm called RNG or the Random Number Generator. The RNG is the program that selects the symbols to show every time you hit Spin. And, you need to know that the hitting Spin in online casinos is nothing like spinning in land-based casinos with the latter working in the same way as throwing a coin where the chances of winning or losing are similar.

The online slot machines always remember the previous spinning events and outcomes which means that the casinos could shorten the periods between the winning and the losing streaks. In the process, they maintain the payout rate closer to the programmed rate. Therefore, even when playing mobile slots, the online machine will prevent you from winning repeatedly, but at the same time, they shorten the losing streaks so that you keep playing.

Note that even with the free mobile slot games, the casinos never lose or go bankrupt as you would imagine since the casinos will always keep the payout rate below 100 percent, meaning that they always keep something.

So, after you choose a preferred site, created an account, downloaded the app to your device, play cautiously knowing that you will win some and lose others. But above all, have fun!