Smart Betting Strategies for Casino Slot Games

They say that the house will always have an edge over the players, even after a big win. So, how do you make sure that you make the smartest move before and after the win, or even a huge loss? Can you beat the slot machine in the free slot machine games?

Well, yes. And, in two simple and smart steps:

Listen to That Silent Alarm and Stop

What this means is that you should always know when it’s time to hit pause/ stop and to walk away from the game. Whether you consider yourself a pro or an amateur, you should know when you should leave that slot machine then move on to another. Why? Well, the moment you hit the jackpot in the progressive slots or after a mind-blowing winning streak, perhaps you have won over 10 times your initial bet, then it is time for you to pack your bags to the next slot machine, or rest for the day. Doing this is important because the slot machine will have to level up after that big win and the likelihood of your getting such a big win from that machine is slim to none.

Switching Slots After Every Win is A Terrible Idea

Even if your free spins slot games machine just brought home a big win, you shouldn’t try your luck in the next slot machine because every time a player wins from a slot machine, it has to pay. Unfortunately, your patience will be tried until your next win because you are not the only one playing. Sometimes, looking for free slot games to play from a different slot machine might mean picking up where another player left off leaving you to a losing streak.

Remember that the payout rate for most online casinos is high at between 96 and 98 percent meaning that you don’t need much to play with or win. All you need is a little patience.