About Slot Games RTP

We all like to spin our chances once in a while, but have you ever wondered what is the key to winning? Which are the factors that affect your chances? When talking about slots, every singe slot game is given a RTP.

Slot Games and the Return to Player Indicator (RTP)?

RTP stand for return to player and it represents the percentage of the money that have been bet along time that casinos pay back to the players. In other words, it shows you how big are your chances for a particular game. Usually, this rate is calculated by taking into consideration the last 1000 plays and that is why it is also referred to a long term performance indicator. Due to the fact that this indicator is a estimated one, it can always prove you wrong. Sometimes, even though you might play a low RTP game, you can easily win huge amounts of money but, also the other way around.

More about games’ RTP

In order to understand better, here is an example of how this indicator works. Let’s presume a games’s RTP is 95%. On one hand, this means that, for every 100$ played within that game, the player could easily receive 95$. On the other hand, the casino gets the rest of the percentage, maning 5%. Where can you see a game’s RTP? Usually, every game has its RTP displayed on the screen. Also, RTP may vary from 75% and up to 99%.

Play your favorite slot games!

Keep in mind: search for the most suitable game for you and always make sure you also take a look at the RTP.