Before you enjoy online slot games, here is a brief history of slot machines

Most of us know that slot machines are popular, but few think about how their popularity came to be. Before we discuss the top online slot games in the market, we will give you a better understanding of the genesis of slot machines. Slots have been in existence since the 19th century. A company in New York came up with the first slot machine in 1891. Many bars around the region adopted the machine which featured 50 playing cards and 5 drums. According to research, Charles Fey is considered the inventor of the first slot machine. A lot of development came up after that until the 90’s where online casinos offering your favorite slots games came up. The portfolio of these games continues diversifying every year.


Play free online slot games from your favorite casino

The number of casinos offering free online slots games is increasing each day. Online platforms make it easy for you to access slot games and test them out for free without investing any amount. They also come with numerous features that you can enjoy such as bonuses. You can play free online slot games without limitations such as time and location. Thanks to mobile technology, some casinos offer slots games that are compatible with portable devices. Software developers that supply slots to casinos make use of HTML5 so that you can play slots instantly from your phone’s web browser.

Check out some of the different forms of online slot games in the market

Though the list of online slot types is endless, slot machines are divided into 5 categories. You can pick from classic, video, progressive or even 3D slots. Each category is different when it comes to the features, pay lines, and reels available. They are also suitable for different levels of players.